Discover the 10 safest and stable countries to visit

Yolanda Smith, Author

If you would want to travel abroad, whether for a short or long duration before returning home, it is crucial that you select your destination with utmost care. As such, this article briefly highlights a few tips to help you choose the most suitable nations for a temporary sojourn. Continue reading to discover the 10 safest stable countries to visit.

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Choose a destination where your kids can feel safe .


Ecuador clearly tops the list of the leading vacationing destinations out there, and for very good reasons. Ranging from the widespread availability of basic amenities in the country and its many infrastructural advancements, this overseas location is an indisputably excellent choice. Regardless of gender, both men and women have consistently named Ecuador as the most preferred place to live abroad.


While most Americans would consider this as an obvious mistake, it is an undeniable fact that Mexico is the second most preferred choice for vacationing outside the country. Although there are some understandably genuine safety concerns, an overwhelming number of expats polled recently acknowledged that the Mexican culture is quite easy to fit in. By the same token, more than 90% of the individuals who have either visited or stayed in Mexico significantly appreciate the hospitality of the local people.


Malta carries the worldwide trophy for the best country to temporarily in. Some of the satisfaction indices relied on while determining the appeal of a given vacation destination was job satisfaction. Most notably, well over two-thirds of all the interviewed respondents lauded Malta for its excellent work-life equilibrium. Similarly, other respondents opined that the little-known location has highly convenient mainstream working schedule and that it holds unprecedentedly great career prospects for incoming foreigners.

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No one should doubt how this notable member of the Asian Tigers made it to the top ranks. Singapore is a particularly apt choice for individuals scouting for holidaying fun overseas. With increasingly many high-income career opportunities, this hot trip destination receives thousands of both temporary and permanent residents from the United States annually. Other distinct aspects that made Singapore beat other top-rated countries were its unparalleled road network, top-notch health services, and absence of major language barriers.


Over two-thirds of the interviewees admitted that Luxembourg provided a lot of security/safety that other more sophisticated’ countries critically lacked. Additionally, more than a half of the respondents in the analysis felt that the European nation fostered a highly commendable culture of hard work and honest allotment of occupation opportunities. Luxembourg didn’t poll so badly with regard to sightseeing activities, either.


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New Zealand

Many of the expats involved in the ranking of the best countries to visit in appreciated the indubitable fact that New Zealand offers extraordinary leisure options. Also cited among further notable pluses was the natives’ laid-back character as well as a competitively pleasant environment. As a result, many Americans who visit New Zealand end up extended their initially scheduled sojourn.


Thailand is globally famed for its unrivaled nightlife, thrill, and distinct excitement. Further, the Asian top destination features very cheap schooling opportunities for expats’ children as well as a host of other reasonably priced fundamental necessities. In fact, more than 85% of foreigners presently living in Bangkok are satisfied and ready to continue staying in the country.


Dozens of Americans living in Panama accepted that the quality of their daily life improved markedly after moving to the new spot. In fact, this country stood out from the clutter for the sheer fact that most of her expats went there simply because they were seeking more happiness in life.

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New Zealand
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While this North American vacation destination is too close home, Canada is a top target for foreign residency. About four out of every five respondents questioned stressed the friendliness of the local people as one of the reasons why thousands of Americans continue to tour and reside in the neighboring territory. Additionally, cultural similarities made Canada an excellent foreign vacation choice since expats require hardly any cultural orientation.


Anyone who has been to this magical land of the spectacular kangaroo will attest to the incomparable beauty of Australia. Australia’s stunning scenery accounted for the largest chunk of the marks awarded by respondents. Furthermore, the locals are singularly friendly and usually welcoming. About 80% of American citizens living in Australia reported that they indeed felt at home down under.