Top 5 Travel Items to Pack

Yolanda Smith, Author

Figuring out what to carry while travelling the world can be a huge dilemma even for the most experienced trippers. The mere sight of your countless personal effects strewn all over the floor and your small bags pose an elusive puzzle.

Nonetheless, this article discusses a few items that you must always pack as you set off for your preferred sightseeing zone. Keep reading to discover the top 5 must-pack items you oughtn’t to leave behind as you embark on a foreign journey.

Figuring out what to carry while travelling the world can be difficult

Tiger Balm

Minor medical needs can be a big hitch, especially if you’re touring areas prone to diseases such as Africa. Carrying tiger balms when visiting Asian or African regions is a fantastic way to respond to mosquito bites. The fact that the balm bottles are small and compact makes them convenient to stash into your luggage.


While you shouldn’t ruin your optimism dwelling on negative thoughts about diseases and medication, it is always wise to be fully prepared for any unfortunate eventualities. You absolutely need those multivitamins and Echinacea to keep standard travelling ailments at bay. Since you don’t know much about the kind of food you’ll find away from home, bringing multivitamins to supplement your diet is quite prudent.

Money – Yes, Money!

Despite the fact that you are strongly advised not to carry large wads of cash as you travel, never mistake the fact that you need ready cash every minute of your foreign stay. Remember to carry at least one MasterCard and one Visa since the two may be accepted everywhere you go. Again, do not keep them in the same place as you will be completely stranded once they both get lost or stolen. For little needs like paying bus fare around the town, keep some paper cash in many separate pockets, but only remove it only when safe and in real want of it. Moreover, ensure that the paper money you have is already converted into local currencies.

Credit card

Bring at least one Visa or MasterCard with you when travelling


Failure to have some legal testimonials may see you expelled out of your favorite holiday destination. Some testimonials such as duplicates of your driving license, national identity card, and travel insurance are extremely essential. However, you should be extra careful not to carry the original documents since you’ll have nothing left in case they’re lost. Again, you should prepare multiple copies and keep them in separate areas so that all of them do not easily get lost at the same time.