Top 5 Tips for First time Air Travel

Yolanda Smith, Author

Your foreign journey is just about to begin. After you have chosen your airline, acquired your ticket, made reservation and your time for air travel is near, you will no doubt feel both anxious and excited.

It is therefore important to be acquainted with some of the tips that are going to guide you as you embark upon your first time travel. As such, the following are some of the tips that are going to guide you when embarking on air travel for the very first time.


The retraction of the landing gear may be louder than you had expected but remember
that it is normal!

Pack and Print

You should ensure that you pack only what you need your travel.Carrying things that you do not need is going to make our luggage heavier than necessary and inconvenient to carry. You are also going to pay more for the extra luggage at the airport. It is important totour your airline’s website and see whether you can have your checking done ahead of time. There are some airlines that are going to help you have the checking done some 24 hours prior to your journey.


You should get in line and grab some bin for your baggage. Put all your belongings into the bin, alongside anything else you have in the pocket so they are scanned. You will also be asked to pass through a metal detector. Insecurity is on the rise due to the terrorist attacks that have happened in various parts of the world. It is very crucial therefore that you check your airline’s website so that you may know what items you need to carry on your travel and which ones you cannot carry.

Airport Arrival

The fact is that the airport is going to be quite overwhelming if you are not used to it. There will be a lot of noise, security checks,queues at every other place, among other peculiarities. It is therefore imperative to tour the airport at least some 90 minutes before your flight.

Flying airplane

Flying can be very pleasant and relaxing if you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings from the plane

Taking Off

After you have occupied the seat that you have been assigned, put your belongings in the bin, buckle up, and then relax. Be prepared for the roar and thrust of the engine. You are going to feel yourself forced back into your seat as the plane races at about 150 miles per hour, takes off, and somehow levels off after the take-off. The retraction of the landing gear may be louder than you had expected but remember that it is normal.


You are no doubt going to experience turbulence. It will range from a sight bump to some severe shaking. You ought to know that it is not a freak occurrence but a normal phenomenon when flying. To confirm that nothing is really amiss, you should take a look around. When you find that others are not perturbed, know that they are used to it. You should therefore not get alarmed.