About the author Yolanda Smith


Yolanda Smith runs a travel blog and has visited over 30 countries in the last 10 years. Besides writing, the former pet vet dabbles in photography as a favorite pastime. She boasts thousands of awesome stunning pictures taken in the wildest corners of Africa’s yet untamed Sahara; she’s colorfully shot the wildebeest’s seasonal exodus at Kenya-Tanzania border, and effectively immortalized scores of bloody tiger duels in Asia’s breathtakingly feral zones.

Ever stung by an unquenchable penchant for the undomesticated and the adventurous, the enthusiastic tripper is set to tour Southern Africa this fall, after which she hopes to sample the best in the dazzlingly urbanized spots that give Europe its centuries of enduring fame.

Ms. Smith is happily married to a sports journalist and the duo leads a largely laidback life in Chisago, Minnesota. The cheerful pair has been together for 23 years, and blessed with two twin girls, aged 21.

Yolanda seizes every apt chance to regale her spellbound listeners with engrossing tales of her daring escapades on various strange terrains oceans away. Any unarranged visit will almost always hit upon her writing scripting a travel piece – if not nostalgically savoring her endless array of remarkable photographs taken at different foreign locations.