Yolanda Smith

“Whatever happens in Las Vegas, ought to be left in Las Vegas – as they say”

Las Vegas is the largest metropolis in the whole of Nevada, and is undeniably one of the most visited cities not only in the United States but also throughout the world.

Despite the surprising fact that the sprawling conurbation is located in the desert, it is home to several world-class resort hotels above which fanciful fountains fly and dazzling lights incessantly sparkle. Truly, whatever happens in Las Vegas ought to be left in Las Vegas, as they say.

Las Vegas receives millions of enthusiastic sightseers from the four winds of the earth, regardless of the season. As such, this North American urban behemoth should lead the list of your travel itinerary. Continue reading to discover the top 7 most irresistible places to see as you savor the endless marvels of this amazing destination.

Venetian Hotel and gondola ride
Las Vegas

“Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides are among the most inviting tourist attractions in Nevada”

Las Vegas

The Strip

The central part of the Las Vegas Boulevard which stretches over 2.5 miles from the southeast to the northeast is popularly christened “The Strip”. Dotted and variously lined with bustling entertainment and nightlife palaces, this prime tourist hub provides limitless fun that no keen explorer can afford to overlook. The neon signs that colorfully illuminate the glittering leisure venues during the night are an unmissable sight to behold for a first-timer.

Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides

Still located in “The Strip” close to the Treasure Island, Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides are among the most inviting tourist attractions in Nevada. Visitors from all over the map frequently stop over this top-rated man-made marvel.

Any new sojourner will be definitely thrilled to observe hordes of excited foreigners and natives walk through the elegantly themed shopping arcade singularly designed to rival the time-honored Roman city of Venice.

Erupting Volcano and Secret Garden at Mirage Hotel

As you casually saunter along “The Strip”, the Mirage Hotel will be pretty easy to spot.

In front of this globally high-ranking facility, an awe-inspiring volcano erupts at certain intervals in an openhanded welcome gesture to the unstopping streams of wonder-filled patrons of mixed races and nationalities. Even for a passer-by ambling along the sidewalk, the nocturnal shooting fires will be an enthralling spectacle

Caesars Palace Casino

“ Caesar’s Palace is perhaps the most widely known of all Las Vegas hotel resorts .”

The Colosseum and Caesar’s Palace

Continually evolving every new day, this gigantic architectural complex positioned right in the middle of “The Strip” boasts a host of inexhaustible entertainment options for even the finickiest travelers. The well-liked hotel houses a top-cadre concert venue ubiquitously referred to as “The Colosseum”. Globally celebrated luminaries have severally performed at this unprecedentedly rave-reviewed stage, with brimming fans and modern music adherents deafeningly cheering to one mellifluous timeless after another. The large numbers of high-flying songbirds who have staged record-breaking performances at The Colosseum include the incomparable Elton John and the versatile artiste Celine Dion.

Stratosphere Tower

One of the glaringly unmistakable sights on the Las Vegas skyline is the Stratosphere Tower. This architectural monstrosity proudly rises1, 149 feet above the ground, and offers unforgettable thrill rides, Skyjump, Insanity, and Big Shot.

If you are the type that dislikes excessive drama, then the outdoor and indoor observation decks will at least occupy your time around as they give panoramic vistas over the buoyant city.

If you haven’t been there before, the Stratosphere Tower reasonably sells itself as the loftiest observation skyscraper in the whole of the United States.